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You will definable be asking for MO....

Another great mix coming from Des Moines, Iowa. Started in 2011. Mo'Rub started out with their own dry spice rub. This was a rub that can be "Rubbed" into meat or veggies to add a lot of flavors and a great kick. Their motto is "We're just two Iowa-bred, forty-somethings growing our business from the ground up.

We believe in the product.

We believe we have a good thing.

It's seriously good. No joke." and it is no joke, this stuff is awesome! I was using the Mo'Salt on everything. This salt has great flavors. can be used as brine too. I tried that on some chicken and it was good. But then again, I also added some after it was cooked too. yum. We also received Mo'Crack Pretzels and Mo'nuts. These are made using their Mo'Rub seasoning giving them a nice kick. And a great flavor. Last but not least, Mo'Mary. Mo'Mary is a recipe that was given to them by a family member with one stipulation. To make a bloody fortune! I would say Mo'Money lol. They added their Mo'Rub to the recipe giving it that extra kick.

At first glance, this mix is full of floaties. And they are awesome. For those who read all of my blogs, The critic is my wife and she too loves this mix. I informed her that there is clam juice in there. She said she does not taste it. I myself tasted a bold note of Worcestershire sauce (wash your sister sauce lol). We both found all of the products to be very good. I know I would not mind having this as a mix we have on hand. and I will surely be ordering some more of these Mo'Crack Pretzels. Yum!

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